Okuhida Onsen-Go Village is a popular onsen destination with beautiful scenery. The grand nature at the heart of the Japanese Northern Alps produces an abundance of lush vegetation, clear water, hot springs and a variety of foods.
The entrance of the Hotel has thick beams made of 500-year old Keyaki tree.
Antique folk crafts and an Irori fireplace in the lobby replicate the atmosphere of an old house in snowy Hida.
Please enjoy the seasonal scenery while relaxing in our large cypress wood public baths, open air mixed baths, and private open air baths. After your body is totally relaxed, enjoy meals with seasonal ingredients, such as Hida beef and other dishes from the mountains, rivers, and ocean of Okuhida.


facilities facilities_photo
Rooms 51 Japanese-style rooms
Room facilities Air conditioner / TV / refrigerator / safe / telephone
Amenities Face towel / bath towel / toothbrush set / Japanese-style bathrobe / soap
Baths Large separate public baths for men and women
Hotel facilities Banquet halls / rooms with Irori fireplace / tea room / parking lot (free) / Wi-Fi at lobby
Pets No
Credit card payments JCB / VISA / UC / DC / UFJ / Debit cards accepted
Check-in and check-out times 03:00pm and 10:00am
Transportion 60 minutes by bus from JR Takayama Station or 85 minutes from our sister hotel Yamano Iori by the One-Coin Shuttle Bus (reservation mandatory)

Main Building Royal Suite


Main Building Deluxe Suite


Standard Guest Room (10 Tatami-mat type)


Our large public bath gShiki no yuh is made with all cider wood and there are separate bathrooms for males and females.
We have bath tubs with normal and high water temperatures.
Our hot spring water is alkaline and has a reputation as gbijin no yu,h which is known for being good for your skin.
Also, there are separate male and female outdoor baths called gkomorebi no yu.h


Spring quality
We have two types of spring water in this hotel.
The baths in the large public bath and outdoor bath use a mixture of both springs.

Simple hot springs
This hot spring is clear and has no odor, so it is the most popular type in Japan.
It is safe for seniors and is beneficial when recovering from a sickness or recuperating after a physical injury since it contains few extraneous materials and is gentle on the skin.
These springs are among the many hot springs in Japan that are known for being effective for relieving the symptoms of various health conditions such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and neurosis.

Alkaline springs
The spring type is alkaline, but the water has no color or odor.
It softens the keratin of the skin, washes off fat secretions, and makes skin moist. When drunk, it is effective for gout, chronic gastritis, and gallstones. Bathing in this spring water is effective for relieving the discomfort from rheumatism, rashes and diabetes.


Sankyo Hidetsuna no Yu


Shiki no Yu


Komorebi no Yu


Sankyo Gamatanbo no Yu

dining_1 dining_2 dining_3 dining_4

Enjoy dishes of fresh seafood and Hida Beef, which is delivered fresh daily, as your main course with other selected seasonal ingredients from the local mountains, rivers and the ocean.
We also offer a traditional Kaiseki meal prepared by our chef who has years of experience in Japanese cuisine.